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To learn more about our software,including N-Train (a professional neural network development package), TradeNet (a link module that connects N-Train with TradeStation), C-Trader Professional (a complete trading system development and testing platform), and TS-Evolve (a genetic algorithm package for TradeStation), go to:

C-Trader Professional (new product)

Other Software Products

Test Data

Neural network test or benchmark data may be found at:

Black-Scholes Test Data For Neural Networks


Be sure to explore our well-regarded book on Amazon

The Encyclopedia of Trading Strategies

More books of interest to traders may be found at
Scientific Consultants Book Corner

Trading Systems

We have some trading systems for sale. These are systems that we discovered (e.g., through the use of genetic algorithm search strategies) in the process of developing systems for our own trading. Some of these systems trade quite well, but do not suit our trading style (for instance, Katz likes to trade on a very short time frame--think 10-second bars). When we discover a system that trades well, but that fails to suit our trading style, we sometimes offer it for sale to interested traders. If you have an interest in these systems, please telephone Dr. Katz at 631-696-3333, or send an email to Dr. Katz at for more information.

Bulletin Board / Discussion Group

You can discuss all aspects of trading, as well as the use of our products, on our new Yahoo group. This group is intended as a general discussion group focused on the systematic and scientific trading of stocks, options, and futures. It is also intended as a user's group, where users of our products can find help from those more experienced.

Scientific Traders Discussion Group

Trader's Survey

We are conducting a survey of traders to learn what they need in the way of software tools and books. Check it out at

Trader's Survey

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